The ALL VIntage Tennis Club


tennis & Style



1 Week with friends in Pouzol
Dates and programm

Cape Town


Rules & FAQ

Be a champion
win in style

??? Do we play for fun or for the title?
!!!! For the style.

??? I don't have a wooden racquet, style, talent, etc...
!!!! Well. I can lend you a racquet for a start.

??? I don't play tennis. At all.
!!!! Look good and be good! You won't be the only one.

??? Can I bring a friend/pet/mascot?
!!!! Absolutely. Just make sure that he is registered properly on this page

??? Can I just come and watch the game?
!!!! Absolutely not. At least give it shot.

  • Tennis
  • Gentlemanship
  • Style

Players must play with wooden racquets
All tennis players participating in the tournament are required to wear all-white
Players must play with tennis shoes
Stay hungry, stay foolish